Artac Advisory has produced a five-part, comprehensive and informative User Guide for prospective and new subscribers. Watch each video below to better understand how each newsletter is composed, how best to use the content of the newsletters, and how to get the most out of each daily newsletter.

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Start with a brief explanation of what to expect (and not expect).
Get the most out of your newsletters by gaining a broad sense of how Artac Advisory produces and delivers them.
Next, catch a glimpse of the layout used across all Artac Advisory newsletters.
Watch Cary go through a sample report to see how he breaks down his market analysis.
Each newsletter addresses four distinct time horizons in analyzing market trends and opportunities.
Get potential and expected ranges for prices today, 3-5 days, 2-3 weeks, and 2-3 months as part of your daily market insights.
In this video, Cary Artac addresses the specific method he uses for identifying and defining entry and exit signals.
Understanding Artac Advisory's definition of these terms are a critical utility for subscribers looking to get the most out of their daily market analyses.
In his last User Guide video, Cary addresses how to react to buy and sell signals as futures prices pass through key resistance levels.
Buy and sell signals can seem deceiving, which is why Cary addresses slippage in his final video and how it may impact Artac Advisory subscribers.