Created for the futures trader who appreciates a broad brush-stroke view, the Monthly Futures Forecast provides critical, mid to long-term analysis in over twenty, high-volume US futures markets, including:

SP-500 E-Mini 30YR US T-Bond US Dollar Index Heating Oil Corn
Dow Jones Mini 10YR US T-Note Crude Oil  Natural Gas Wheat
Russell 2000 Mini Euro FX Sugar #11 Gold Soybeans
NASDAQ-100 E-Mini Japanese Yen Cotton #2 Silver Live Cattle

Our monthly research is technical in nature, blending time-tested, discretionary charting methods with a systematic analysis of customized indicators, the results presented in a cohesive, tradable framework. Each analyzed market provides highly specific price support levels, descriptive charts and noteworthy commentary, forming a trading product of exceptional value.

All this for only $30.00 a month, or $325 annual
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Monthly Futures Analysis