Q. Do you provide a free trial offer?
Yes, we offer a no-strings-attached free trial. No credit card needed, your contact information never sold or added to repetitive marketing databases. Just give us a call or click on the free-trial button at the top of this page to start the two-week trial period at any time.

Q. How are your newsletters delivered?
A. By e-mail, usually delivered by 6:00 PM (Chicago) the evening before. The only exception being the Livestock letters (LC, LH’s), which are delivered by 7:00 a.m. that trading day. Clickable links are provided that open the individual newsletters (.PDF).

Q. Is your analysis intended for the short-term trader, or for the longer-term position traders and/or hedgers?
A. We analyze all major timeframes (short, near, mid and long-term) and continuously incorporate them into a cohesive, tradable format. Daily data is studied every afternoon, with weekly and monthly data researched at the end of those respective timeframes. Trend-timeframes can operate congruently or in opposition to one another. In other words, a 2-3 week rally can coexist within the confines of a 3-5 month bear-trend, for many markets often exhibit simultaneous counter-cycles. One of the unique attributes of Artac Advisory’s research is knowing how (and when) to weigh the significance of each trend-timeframe.

Q. Do you provide customized analysis?
Yes we do. In fact, one of our primary reasons for expanding into other markets has been the result of current clientele requesting customized analysis. If a market is publicly traded and contains sufficient volume, it can be adequately analyzed. Please make your inquiry by phone or e-mail and we can discuss with you any market we may not currently cover.

Q. What if I don’t fully understand something you’ve noted on a particular newsletter, is it possible for me to call your office for greater clarity.
Absolutely. For both active subscribers and those utilizing the two-week free trial, we actively encourage you to call or e-mail with any questions you need addressed. Generally within a few weeks you will have a sound understanding of our terminology and good feel for our delivery style, but always remember that you should never hesitate to contact us for greater clarity.