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Since 1993 the Artac Advisory has supported the professional futures trading community with a full range of independent, fee-based advisory letters of consistent reliability. Last year a well received monthly Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) letter was added to our market research menu. Our subscription based advisory letters blend together time-tested, discretionary charting methods with a systematic analysis of customized technical indicators, presented to the active trader in a cohesive, workable framework. Trend-defining support and resistance levels are accompanied by noteworthy commentary and descriptive ETF and commodity charts, each newsletter formatted with the intent to fully clarify your trading strategy.

“Our firm’s been using Artac Advisory’s grain analysis for years. It’s the first thing I read at the start of every trading-day”
Michael Duffy – McVean Trading & Investments, Memphis, TN

Futures Advisory

Artac Advisory’s futures analysis finds its roots on Chicago’s trading floors, where from the later 1980's into the early '90's Cary Artac honed an analytical craft that accurately identifies trend-structure across a full range of time horizons.
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Monthly ETF Analysis

With longer-term portfolio management the central theme, our ETF Market Report is intended to keep institutional investment firms, independent wealth managers, and active long-term investors abreast of directional market trends across four primary asset classes: Equities, Commodities, Currencies, and Bonds.
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About Cary Artac

Cary Artac’s market experience began in 1986 as a trader-apprentice on the floor of the Chicago Board of Options Exchange, where for several years he studied the complex relationship between option price behavior and underlying market activity.
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Why Artac Advisory?

For over twenty years Artac Advisory has been supporting the professional futures trading community with independent, fee-based market research of consistent accuracy. Our premium subscription-based market advisory letters blend together proven, discretionary charting methods with a systematic analysis of common and customized technical indicators, presented to the active futures trader in a cohesive, tradable framework that you can use.

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